Mission statement
To develop an impactful and progressive partnership with Customers who possess a long-term vision for their business and help our Customers achieve the twin goals of growth & profitability

turning Credible into INCREDIBLE! - Our tagline, emphasises our aim to engage with Oragnisations which are Ethical & who have a clear vision about Growth & Profitability and strategically partner with them to help achieve the vision!

Our clientele includes Family-owned, Start-ups, VC & PE funded and established multinational organisations.

Company introduction
There unfortunately, is a wide gap that exists between the demand for high-quality finance services required by high growth companies and the inadequate supply of such talent at the right levels of ownership drive which is aligned with the company's vision & culture.

Ocellus is a financial and strategic business advisory consultancy that brings a high level of professionalism to the table.

With deep industry expertise and decades of cumulative experience in the relevant sectors, our team works with our clients to deliver unparalleled business solutions at the right costs.

Theme of our offerings
Our solutions are tiered at strategic, operational & tactical levels of engagement Model driven by real- life CFO experience across industries.
Unique Cash-Cost-Compliance framework for problem-solving.
Execution is driven by the focus on Report-Review rigor (Annual Plan & Audits).
Targeted Value-Add (Project & Timeline based process improvement identification & execution).

Chartered Accountant, Cost Accountant & B. Com graduate with more than 20 years of finance work experience across multi-industry & geography
Deep financial domain experience ranging from Fortune100 Multinationals (PWC, GE, IBM, Dell), Indian companies (Asianet News Network) & Start-ups (SportzVillage)
Multi-country & cultural exposure (India, Malaysia, USA) in Individual as well as Managerial roles
Experienced CFO who dealt with Investors (VC & PE funds) and actively engaged with the Board of Directors as well as CEO & leadership teams.

Our organization is built around highly experienced professionals with proven track records of success.
Our team has deep subject matter knowledge and collectively put together we have over 100+ years of work experience.
Basis of our varied industry experience, we understand the exact nature of a business's financial requirements to provide solutions that matter.
Our Team has worked with a diverse portfolio of clients, across different industries including Sports, Education, Defence, Music, Healthcare, Solar power & RITES across Start-up, Mid-sized and Large corporates.
We have complemented with existing Client finance teams as well as supplemented on a case-to-case basis.

What we do

Our Consulting services are targeted for Start-ups and Growth Companies who opt for a finance head role in a consulting (pay-per-use) format. Its also for organisations looking for specific consulting intervention on a project specific or one-time basis.

With our deep understanding of the Finance domain basis the strength of our team of experienced finance profesionals, we optimise solutions & services todeliver on the exact needs at every stage of an organisation's growth trajectory.

Depending on the size and the growth stage of the Organisation, Ocellus provides a flexible engagement model, enabling our Customers to moderate the engagement levels

How we work


Robust cashflow forecasting & management leading to rapid cash cycle along with efficient working capital management needs setting up necessary systems and processes to face challenges, which could be a function of growth or business dynamics or even as a result of difficult conditions. Our Cash centric focus while delivering our services ensures the organisation is not choked for funds in pursuit of growth.


One of the core challenges in running a business today is managing costs and expenses. It may not stop at cutting costs but extends to managing cost pools with rigor around accounting, reporting, reviewing and follow-up actions. Our reporting-rigor based engagement model coupled with industry-specific insights to management team ensures best in class Profitability metrics & quicker corrective actions.


To stay relevant in business an organisation has to first stay on the ride side of the Law. Any deviation from laws of the land could lead to unnecessary distraction in terms of Penal actions and related costs and efforts across the organisation, which sometimes could affect the management team as well. We offer detailed process-oriented service which ensures that an organisation is following a given set of rules across various Laws & Regulations.

Our Customers

Our Team